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Konkan Division Welcomes you !
Konkan Horticulture & Konkan Railway

Konkan Horticulture


Coconut: We are all familiar with the coconut tree. It is named after it's fruit, coconut. We see coconut groves along the coastline. Sandy and saline soil and hot and humid weather is favorable for the coconut tree. Since such a climate precoastal areas of the district, dense grooves of these trees are found here.

There is 'Coconut Research Center' at Bhatye near Ratnagiri. Coconuts come in a number of varieties such as the Banavali, Singapuri.

Areca palm: The areca palm grows tall like the coconut tree. This tree needs plenty of water. Large plantation of areca palms are found all over the Konkan coast.

Mango: The 'Alphonso' mango of Ratnagiri and Devgad is famous. Mango trees grow well in the red soil and saline atmosphere on the mountain side of the lowlands. The mango season is from March to June. There is a demand for mangoes in the foreign countries.

Cashew Nut: Cashew Nut is an important crop of the district. Cashew nut trees grow in rocky land having red soil. The cashew seeds are roasted and the edible portion is separated. There is demand for cashew nuts both in our country and abroad.

Jackfruit: Jackfruit is a speciality of this district. This fruit is thorny from outside but sweet and juicy inside. The jackfruit season is from March to June.

Ratambi/Kokum: The ratamba tree grows in less fertile but moist soil. The fruit of this tree is called kokum. Amsuls are made from kokum.

Other fruits: Besides those mentioned above, fruit such as bananas, papayas, pineapples, avalas, tamarind, jambhuls, chikkus, ramphals, bors, karvandas, lemons etc. are also grown in this district.

Konkan Railways

Konkan Railway was one of the greatest challenges for the engineers with its hostile terrain and finally in 1998, it started operating. It runs along the Konkan coast and covers a distance of 741 km. These tracks start from Thokur, which is near Mangalore in Karnataka to Roha Railway station in Maharashtra.


When you travel in trains running on the Konkan route, you get to view some of the most beautiful scenary you can ever imagine. Since there are many rivers and hills on the way, you pass through about 2000 bridges and 91 tunnels. It is one of the most exciting train journeys in India.


The Konkan Railway runs along the Konkan coast of Maharashtra to Karnataka through Goa in the Western Ghats. Konkan Railway route is a single-line track and one of the most beautiful scenic train routes in India, passes through the mountain tunnels, sparking waterfalls and tall bridges.

Konkan Railway offers you a wonderful trip along the coast of Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, and the sights you see while traveling are breathtaking and attractive.

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