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Sindhudurg Tourist Attractions

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Dhamapur Lake :

A tourist reader may wonder why special mention is being made of Dhamapur lake again separately when it has been mentioned along with Bhagwati temple of Dhamapur. This special lake deserves the special mention because of its 'uniqueness'. This is the biggest lake in the district.

The lake is situated between Are and Katta village. This man-made lake was constricted in 1530 by king Nagesh Desai and has beautiful scenic hill ranges on its two sides. The water is crystal clear and has dense plantation of mangoes, coconuts and areca palm. These are famous fruits of konkan region. The dense forest and orchard surrounding the lake has made this one of the most beautiful lake in Maharashtra. Tourists can easily feel the change in the atmosphere once they reach the spot. The region also has a rich variety of flaura and fauna.

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Shiroda  Mithagar :

Shiroda, 17 kms away from Vengurla, is adorned with coconut palm trees, cypress woods and spectacular sea-shore. Tourists’ mecca, Goa is only 7 kms away from this divine spot. Shiroda has wonderful literary connection with Dnyanapith award winner V. S. Khandekar. He was working here as a high-school teacher. He lived here for a long time and completed majority of his work in this historic village Shiroda.

In Shiroda one can notice Mithagars (place where salt is created, situated near sea shores).

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Wooden Craft  Chitrali :

Speciality of Sawantwadi is wooden toys and Handicraft articles. They are very famous everywhere in the world. There is a demand from all parts of India and abroad. There is no doubt that these toys and handcraft articles are excellent in quality.

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Atmeshwar Tali :

Town called Sawantwadi owes various attributes. Atmeshwar Tali is very unique place in itself. About 350 years ago, Shri. Damodar Swami created a pool which is now known as Atmeshwar Tali. Most of the places have their own legends. Story regarding this place is told like this. The erudite Swamiji threw his Trishul while enchanting mantra of "Jay Mate Bhagirathi (Ganga)". On the very place a big stream of water appeared and it's flowing perpetually from that day. With the passage of time, this place too is affected by hasty and unmindful modernization.

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Ganjifa Cards, Sawantwadi:

Handmade playing cards of Sawantwadi are made from circular pieces of paper on which intricate designs of Dashwar (Ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu) are hand pointed. Each pack contains 120 hand pointed cards housed in equally colouful box.

History says that these cards arrived in Sawantwadi 350 years ago, when Bhosle, the royal family of Goa settled here after fleeing from Portuguese regime. The Bhosle brought several artists along with them who were versed in wood varving and pointings. These families survived mainly by supplying handicraft items to the royal families. In 1981 there were 45 such families though six such families still live in Sawantwadi today.

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Moryacha Dhonda (Stone) Sawantwadi:

This is in Dandi area of Malvan city. It is a historic rock on the seashore on which Chhatrapati Shivaji’s artists chiselled off images of lord Ganesh, Shiva’s Linga, Nandi, Moon and Sun. Worshipping ceremony then took place before developing the Sindhudurg Fort.