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Industries in Thane

Industries in Thane


Thane is an industrially advanced district of Maharashtra. Thane, Kalyan, Ulhasnagar, Bhiwandi, Vasai are the industrially developed tehsils and mostly urbanized. The district is largely industrialised having 10 MIDC areas, 2 Co-operative Industrial Estates. The major industries in the district are Chemical, Automobiles, Pharmaceutical, Artificial fibre, Plastic and Plastic goods, Fertilizers, Insecticides, Paints, Edible items etc.

The Thane-Belapur-Kalyan industrial belt is the Centre of highly sophisticated modern industries. The industrial growth in the district, however, is concentrated in this industrial belt. The district can be divided into three distinct parts. The first is the area under direct influence of Mumbai metropolis. This

area is more or less suburban to the metropolis and includes Thane, Kalyan and Ulhasnagar talukas where a number of organised modern industries are concentrated. The second zone comprises the industrially developing areas of Vasai, Bhiwandi. The third part includes the rest of the area of the district having conventional village industries, age-old cottage industries and primary processing agro-industries.

The total geographical area of the district is 934 thousands hectares which is 3.11% of the total geographical area of the State. There are 7 talukas i.e. Thane, Vasai, Bhiwandi, Shahapur, Murbad, Kalyan and Ulhasnagar in the district.

Industrial Estates/Areas:

Thane district is industrially developed district. As it is very near to International market city like Mumbai, all infrastructural facilities like Water, Electricity, State & National Highway, Railways are available in the district.